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Plant Propagation Workshop

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Plant Propagation Workshop

Plant friends! Wanna learn the skills to propagate like a boss? Come to our propagation workshop, sip some wine and have some nibbles while you work! This workshop is suitable for beginners.

We will be teaching a large variety of propagation techniques and ways to amplify your results. You will take home a sample of each propagation medium (peat, spag, perlite) as well as a variety of cuttings. 

Key topics
- division
- air layering
- propagation from nodes
- propagating from bark
- seed sprouting 
- difference between peat, sphagnum moss, perlite and how to pick which is best for each plant
- ideal temperature and lighting conditions and how to achieve them
- fertilisation and rooting hormones

Feel free to BYO drinks, we will provide some nibbles for you (let us know if you have food intolerance). The event is held in-store at

The Plant Lounge
8 Station Street, Shop 1, Nundah, QLD, 4012

Email us if you have any questions!

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